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Obama vs. Romney on Modern Mormon Men

October 26, 2012


Welcome to those of you visiting after reading Rob’s guest post on Modern Mormon Men.  MMM.com approached us to participate in an online discussion describing why our candidate, President  Obama, is the right choice for us Latter-day Saints.   Additionally, we offer this website and its accompanying Facebook group as supplemental material to Rob’s MMM piece, the Case for […]

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Common Ground

August 24, 2012


Post by Joseph M – We’ve found new friends!  Catholics Democrats are following us on Twitter – and we in turn are following them!  Please check out their website here – and notice the bannerhead “Catholics for Obama.” Also read this article here that details their efforts. When you find a new friend it is usually […]

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American Grown

June 27, 2012


Post by Ryan – Lauara Club Fancy wrote about the White House garden, and now we should all go to our favorite independent book store to get a copy of the book that details the garden further.  (My favorite Seattle indy bookstores are: Elliott Bay Books and Third Place Books) Michelle Obama’s new book, American Grown: The Story of the White House […]

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For Republicans, Self-Reflection as “Weakness”

March 7, 2012

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Post by Eric R.  – You have probably heard quite a bit by now about a recent incident in Afghanastan in which several Qurans were burnt by US military personnel at Bagram air base. Apparently the Qurans had notes written in them by prisoners, and upon discovery were confiscated, mistakenly added to other garbage at […]

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Why. Why not.

January 22, 2012


Post by Joseph M – I guess I could begin by explaining what this website is not, before explaining what the website is.  Firstly, we don’t hate Mitt Romney, and we don’t want to character-assassinate him here.  Personally, I kind of like the guy and wouldn’t mind having him as my home teacher.  My sister (who […]

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