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Why I’m a Mormon and Support President Obama, Part 6/6: The Environment

November 1, 2012


Post by Randy Astle – We’re now on the cusp of election day and unfortunately time won’t allow me to do as deep a dive into Mormonism and environmentalism as I’ve done on my other topics. Still, the protection of the environment is important enough an issue that I thought it merited its own entry. […]

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Why I’m a Mormon and Support President Obama, Part 5/6: Social Issues

October 31, 2012


Post by Randy Astle – As their name indicates, this is the elephant in the room for social conservatives. There’s a very large voting bloc that goes well beyond Mormonism for whom social issues, particularly perhaps abortion and now gay marriage, often take precedence over anything else. Described as “conservative family values,” these are often […]

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Why I’m a Mormon and Support President Obama, Part 4/6: Economics

October 28, 2012


Post by Randy Astle – We’re in the home stretch! November 6 will be a relief, I think, to everybody. But before things end I’d like to post three more times, which will hopefully be interesting to any LDS voters who somehow aren’t decided yet. (Share! Share! Share!) I was working on this post when […]

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A Civil War

October 21, 2012


Guest post by Marianne Monson Right now I cannot honestly say I am proud to be an American. This is an extreme statement, particularly from someone who always votes, pays taxes, and inevitably chokes up a bit during the national anthem. But after reading the online comments posted in response to a CNN article about […]

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Why I’m a Mormon and Support President Obama, Part 3/6: Foreign Policy

October 13, 2012


Post by Randy Astle – In my last post I tried to examine the personal standards set forth in scripture—and through common sense and decency—for all government leaders. My assertion was that we could safely approximate a politician’s moral mettle by looking specifically at his integrity, his honesty, a position I believe is upheld by Doctrine & […]

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Obama Mormons Believe

September 19, 2012


This piece was originally published on the site  Guest post by Darin Hammond – Interest in Mr. Romney’s Mormon faith is in decline, a shift from the U.S. News and World Report earlier this month, which claimed otherwise. Romney’s Mormonism was at a high point around the 9th of September, but research I performed […]

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A Mormon Democrat

September 18, 2012

Comments Off on A Mormon Democrat

This is another excellent video from Utah Common Values;

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Why I’m a Mormon and Support President Obama, Part 2/6: Measuring the Man

September 17, 2012


Post by Randy Astle – PART TWO: MEASURING THE MAN My thoughts in my first post were basically introductory to talking about specific issues; for my own sake as much as anything else I wanted to think through why there are conservatives and liberals within the Mormon camp and how there is room for both […]

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Mormons for Obama: Whitney

September 2, 2012


Want to know how President Obama’s policies help families, including the families of small business owners? Watch Whitney’s video!

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Mormons for Obama: Kathy

September 1, 2012


“Doubling Guantanamo” was just one reason Kathy switched from leaning towards Mitt Romney to fully supporting President Obama.

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