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Why I’m a Mormon and Support President Obama, Part 5/6: Social Issues

October 31, 2012


Post by Randy Astle – As their name indicates, this is the elephant in the room for social conservatives. There’s a very large voting bloc that goes well beyond Mormonism for whom social issues, particularly perhaps abortion and now gay marriage, often take precedence over anything else. Described as “conservative family values,” these are often […]

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In Which I Share Some Thoughts

September 1, 2012


Post by Hannah Wheelwright – Today is September 1st. There are 66 days left until the United States of America elects its 45th president. This past week, I have had more conversations than ever about the prevalence of religion in this historic election. We see pitted against each other, more dramatically than ever before, the […]

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Mormons for Obama Say Kyle Blaine’s Article Doesn’t Represent Them

July 29, 2012


Post by Joseph M – Kyle Blaine’s abcnews.go.com piece entitled, Mormons for Obama Say Romney Doesn’t Represent Them, gets at least one thing right: we do say that Romney doesn’t represent us.  Laura put it best when she said, “just like Mitt Romney is not your average American, he’s not your average Mormon, he doesn’t represent every Mormon […]

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Win One For the Flipper

June 9, 2012

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This is the fourth post in a series on Obama’s support for gay marriage. Guest post by JBS – When Obama announced his support for gay marriage, the conservative talk shows accused him of being political – they said that he only supported gay marriage because it would help him win votes in the election. And […]

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The Same Rights as Me

June 2, 2012


This post is the third in a series.  Please scroll down to see the previous two posts. Guest post by Ruby – I’m happy to say that I support and applaud President Obama’s acceptance of gay marriage. Getting here has been a journey for me. I struggled greatly during the Prop 8 backlash (even though I […]

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Obama, Gay Marriage and Me

June 1, 2012


This is the second post in a series of viewpoints on Obama’s support for marriage equality. Post by Eric R – After Obama recently came out in support of gay marriage our housemate, a liberal self-identified atheist, asked my wife if we were going to take the “I’m Voting for Obama, and I’m a Mormon” bumper […]

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The Theory of Evolution

May 30, 2012


The next several posts on Mormons for Obama will address President Obama’s support for marriage equality.  This is the first in the series. Post by Joseph M – Two weeks ago, President Obama stated his support for marriage equality while conducting an interview with Robin Roberts of ABC, and he described his position on the matter as […]

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