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This Muslim Moment

October 3, 2012


Post by Joseph M – Let’s just admit it now and get it out of the way: Romney looked strong in tonight’s debate, and President Obama seemed  as if he didn’t want to offend anyone.  Well, the Presidential race may have gotten a little more interesting – especially because the undecided voters (those who tend […]

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Offended Might Be Too Strong of a Word

March 4, 2012

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Post by Joseph M – Romney won Michigan and Arizona, and Washington’s Republican caucuses liked him too; now he has to make it through Super Tuesday – the real test of sorts. And seriously, I’d be somewhat offended if Mitt Romney lost the Republican Presidential nomination to the likes of Rick Santorum.  I realize this is […]

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Holy War

February 22, 2012


Post by Joseph M – And so it continues… As if it wasn’t bad enough that Rick Santorum decided to criticize Obama’s faith, Mitt Romney decided he needed to do the same thing yesterday.  My guess is that Romney saw Santorum’s tactics as the straight and narrow path toward better poll numbers, and he demonstrated […]

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Bible Thumping

February 18, 2012


Post by Joseph M- Santorum just told a crowd of tea party people in an Ohio hotel that Obama’s agenda was based on “some phony theology,” and that it was “not a theology based on the Bible.”  I suppose Santorum is the new prophet of the people as Romney’s poll numbers fall faster than Adam and […]

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