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Democratic National Convention, Day 2

September 6, 2012


Post by Joseph M – Bill Clinton spoke truth this evening; the mists of darkness that covered the land have dispersed and scattered, and America’s collective memory of last week’s confusion and half-truths (and even lies) at the RNC has cleared.  Clinton solidly reviewed and dismissed the misinformation from the RNC speakers, and he highlighted Obama’s record in so many areas.  […]

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American Grown

June 27, 2012


Post by Ryan – Lauara Club Fancy wrote about the White House garden, and now we should all go to our favorite independent book store to get a copy of the book that details the garden further.  (My favorite Seattle indy bookstores are: Elliott Bay Books and Third Place Books) Michelle Obama’s new book, American Grown: The Story of the White House […]

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An Equal Opportunity Garden

June 23, 2012


Post by Doctor Lauraclubfancy, your health correspondent As I anxiously look forward to the delivery of our first summer CSA box this week, I can’t help but think about how inspirational Michelle Obama has been promoting healthy food and living. One aspect of her dedication to health that I’d like to highlight in this post […]

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