About Ryan:

I am a local Seattle techie who grew up in the sticks, but have since discovered I belong in the city.  Next to my faith and family, my favorite thing to do is traveling and exploring the world and its people.  My life creed is: “Moderation in all things, including Moderation.”

About Joseph:

I am a mental health therapist working in the greater Seattle area.  I originally came to Seattle to attend the University of Washington for a Master’s degree, but after I graduated I decided I liked the area and stayed on.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from BYU, and I served my mission in Fresno, California.

About Hannah:

I’m a Democrat, feminist, vegetarian, liberal, Political Science student, and I’m a Mormon.

About Randy:

I’m a filmmaker and writer in New York City. I write for Filmmaker magazine and have some blogs at and My main projects right now are “Glass,” a multiscreen gallery installation piece; “Mormon Cinema,” a book due out next summer; and “Saints,” a feature film about a Mormon actress’s coming of age in New York that’s shooting next spring. I’ve written about Mormon art and culture in BYU Studies, Dialogue, Sunstone, Irreantum, Mormon Artist magazine, and some other outlets.

About Lauraclubfancy:

I work in remote areas of the world trying to develop new innovations for health. My area of expertise is vaccines that are important for children’s health. I enjoy cycling to work, yoga, and running. I’m voting for Obama, and I’m a Mormon.

About Eric:

I am the third of four children born into a working-class, liberal, mormon family in Spokane, Washington. Both of our parents were politically conscious and active in their own ways. I was raised watching McLaughlin Group and Crossfire with my father, and I still have a vivid memory of seeing Oliver North not recalling his role in the Iran-Contra scandal on national television. My mother, a political refugee from former Czechoslovakia, instilled in all of us the importance of participating in our community, and took us to many a neighborhood garbage pick-up or service project. Lissa, whom I have been married to for four years, is an art teacher raised in Colorado. I am currently working on a masters in Sustainable Development in Washington, DC, with my focus on NGO work in Latin America.

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