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True (and Are We Really Still Asking this Question?)

October 24, 2012


Post by Joseph M- Dan Spindle from some Fox News affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona has an article/news piece, entitled, “Can a true Mormon vote for Obama?”  (The video is attached to the article, but don’t bother to click on it; it doesn’t seem to be working at the present.) But seriously?  My first issue is that this […]

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A Civil War

October 21, 2012


Guest post by Marianne Monson Right now I cannot honestly say I am proud to be an American. This is an extreme statement, particularly from someone who always votes, pays taxes, and inevitably chokes up a bit during the national anthem. But after reading the online comments posted in response to a CNN article about […]

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Mormon Dems: The Case Against Mitt Romney

October 11, 2012


Post by Rob T. The website Mormon Dems has long piece laying out the reasons not to vote for Gov. Romney this November. I encourage you to read the whole thing here for the meat of the argument, but here are some key quotes: “While I admire Romney’s dedicated unpaid service in my church as a […]

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Mormon Democrats Make the Case for Obama – from Odysseynetworks.org

September 23, 2012

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This video and the following post are from Odyssey Networks: Mormon Democrats are a rarity in Utah. They represent just 7 percent of Mormons in the state, but came out full force Tuesday evening at an LDS Democrats event held in Charlotte, N.C. in and around the Democratic National Convention.  LDS Democrats, many of whom […]

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A Mormon Democrat

September 18, 2012

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This is another excellent video from Utah Common Values;

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Free Agency

September 12, 2012


Post by Eric R – In recent weeks I have been part of several discussions with conservative Mormons about how the proper role of government should intersect with Christ’s commandment to take care of one another. A common point that keeps coming up is “free agency”. More precisely, my friends object to the federal government […]

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On Faith and Politics at the DNC

September 10, 2012


Post by Rob T. For those of you who are unaware, Mormons for Obama, LDS Dems, and the Scott Howell for Senate campaign all had a presence at the DNC. We had a fantastic gathering Tuesday afternoon, where we got to hear from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. (Crystal Young-Otterstrom, chair of LDS Dems, introduced […]

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Why I’m a Mormon and Support President Obama, Part 1/6: The Long View

September 9, 2012


Post by Randy Astle – PART ONE: THE LONG VIEW I casually started watching Mitt Romney’s career over a decade before I ever heard of anyone named Barack Obama. My oldest brother was his son Tagg’s roommate at BYU, then a trip to Boston to work on his ‘94 Senate campaign connected him with his […]

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A Gathering of Saints: Mormon Democrats in NC

August 20, 2012

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If you are a member of our Mormons for Obama Facebook group, you know this already: Mormon Democrats are gathering for an event coinciding with the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Harry Reid is to be their keynote speaker.  (He promises to speculate on Romney’s taxes only twice in his address!)  The Salt Lake […]

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Living in the Field

July 2, 2012


Post by Hannah Wheelwright – I have been told I live in the field. I’m not talking about the mission field that is white already to harvest – Utah is actually rather cloudy and brown right now from all the fires, not to mention the raining ash. (Last days, anyone?) I’m talking about a unique […]

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