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I work in remote areas of the world trying to develop new innovations for health. My area of expertise is childhood vaccination and immunization campaigns. I enjoy cycling to work, yoga, and running. I served my mission in southern Chile. I'm voting for Obama, and I'm a Mormon.

An Equal Opportunity Garden

June 23, 2012


Post by Doctor Lauraclubfancy, your health correspondent As I anxiously look forward to the delivery of our first summer CSA box this week, I can’t help but think about how inspirational Michelle Obama has been promoting healthy food and living. One aspect of her dedication to health that I’d like to highlight in this post […]

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Health care reform – 2 years later; has it met its goals?

March 23, 2012

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Today, March 23, 2012, is the two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. What an exciting moment in the history of our country. Look at the reaction moment photo.  Obama’s face captures it all, with others cheering in the background.  It looks like Teddy Roosevelt’s horse is also excited. Today the NPR health blog […]

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Why is a fundamental women’s right a fight?

February 25, 2012


Post by Doctor Lauraclubfancy, your health care correspondent – The purpose of this post is to get our readers updated on birth control – what Obama has done and what his opponents are saying.  Clashes about birth control coverage for women seem to have everyone talking, including Foster Friess, a primary contributor to Santorum’s Super […]

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I voted for Obama and all I got was…

February 9, 2012


this HISTORIC VICTORY on health care! I was at the National Hispanic Medical Society conference in Washington DC when the House agreed to the Senate’s amendment of the Affordable Care Act, on March 23, 2010.  The energy and excitement was electrifying!  My feelings that day are the same today–the Affordable Care Act is monumental and critical […]

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