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State of the Union – 2013

February 12, 2013

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Nothing like adding a little technology to “Enhance” the State of the Union.

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Inaugaration 2013

January 21, 2013


So it officially begins – Obama’s second term.  I watched the coverage with my favorite news team of PBS NewsHour.  One of the women interviewed commented (and I’m paraphrasing her) about how the reelection of President Obama was so special because it proved that his election in 2008, as the first African American president, was […]

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Happy New Year…

January 2, 2013

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Post by Joseph M – All across America, people celebrated the end of 2012, the beginning of 2013, the love of friends and family, and the continuation of our world despite some presumably dire predictions by an ancient people; all the while, Americans with incomes between $250,000 – $450,000 popped their corks for a completely […]

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Some Fiscal Cliff Notes

December 13, 2012


Post by Joseph M – Nothing like the back-and-forth, finger-pointing, and grand-standing bluster of John Boehner to throw water on any lingering post-election celebratory feeling.  Yes, the congressional Republicans are the ultimate buzz-kill.  And of course, once again, President Obama is proving himself perfectly diplomatic in the fiscal cliff negotiations.  He is even doing campaign stops, which makes […]

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Mormonism Stayed off the Table: Thank You OFA and DNC

November 16, 2012


It’s hard to believe that the election ended less than two weeks ago. I didn’t post much the last few weeks of the campaign because I was knocking doors in Florida, and there’s one thing I must say: THANK YOU to Obama for America and the Democratic National Committee for keeping Governor Romney’s Mormonism and […]

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At End of the Campaign

November 11, 2012


Post by Joseph M – I am still incredibly excited about last Tuesday night’s win – and I guess I’ll admit, I’ve felt no small desire to gloat.  This is partly due to the amazing amount of vitriol we’ve received in emails and comments on this website.  And now that Governor Romney has gone from that title back to Brother Romney, we’ve seen an […]

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November 6, 2012


Post by Joseph M While Ray Suarez interviewed Rahm Emanuel for PBS NewsHour’s coverage of the election, the crowd at the McCormick Place broke out in cheers, causing Rahm to break away mid-sentence to see what had happened.  (CNN had just called the election for President Obama.) Rahm Emanuel threw up his hands and belatedly […]

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President Obama’s final rally

November 6, 2012

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Four years ago tonight

November 4, 2012


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Obama vs. Romney on Modern Mormon Men

October 26, 2012


Welcome to those of you visiting after reading Rob’s guest post on Modern Mormon Men.  MMM.com approached us to participate in an online discussion describing why our candidate, President  Obama, is the right choice for us Latter-day Saints.   Additionally, we offer this website and its accompanying Facebook group as supplemental material to Rob’s MMM piece, the Case for […]

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