In the News

Real Clear Politics    4/4/2012    Pro-Obama Mormons Unswayed by Shared Faith With Romney (Article)    6/20/2012    Truth Squad discovers rare entity  (Video)   7/1/2012     Romney boosts liberal Mormons (Article)

ABC News    7/18/2012    Mormons for Obama Say Romney Doesn’t Represent Them    (Article)

The Salt Lake Tribune     7/20/2012     News roundup: Mormons for Obama group small, but active     (Article)

The Record Journal     8/29/2012     Area Mormons: Romney won’t take orders from church     (Article)

Buzz Feed – Politics     9/4/2012    Mormons For Obama Launch Their Own “Missionary Effort”     (Article)

The Washington Post     9/6/2012     GOP’s move rightward pushes some Latter-Day Saints to the Democrats     (Article)

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