Obama vs. Romney on Modern Mormon Men

October 26, 2012


Welcome to those of you visiting after reading Rob’s guest post on Modern Mormon Men.  MMM.com approached us to participate in an online discussion describing why our candidate, President  Obama, is the right choice for us Latter-day Saints.   Additionally, we offer this website and its accompanying Facebook group as supplemental material to Rob’s MMM piece, the Case for Barack Obama.  MMM also includes Romney CTR’s case for Governor Romney.

A little about us: we are not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints nor the 2012 Obama Presidential Campaign.  However, we are Mormons, and we are for President Barack Obama.  We created this website in order to represent the unique perspective of Mormons who are voting for Obama.  We are all active and believing Latter-day Saints in Washington State, Florida, Utah and Washington DC.  We are not necessarily Republicans or Democrats, and we are not anti-Mitt Romney, but we are united behind President Obama as he seeks his second term.   Let us know what you think and thank you for visiting!

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7 Comments on “Obama vs. Romney on Modern Mormon Men”

  1. John Says:

    The Mormon church does not endorse specific candidates or parties. While I respect your passion for politics and you’re desire to share your political support with others, you should change the name of the website, and not affiliate the church you are claiming to follow with any political party or candidate. I noticed you said on your homepage that you are not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and yet you chose to call your website “Mormonsforobama”??? Please change the name of your website and stop affiliating politics a church that does not endorse any candidates.

    • BDUB Says:

      You’re right, it probably should be called “Latter-day Saints for Obama”. Please make the change.

    • Isabela Says:

      It is very sad that you are taking the name of Mormons and you are not. I belong to the real Mormons Group For Romney. I do not believe that you are mormons because the religion do no accept Gay Marriage neither the killing of the unborn babies. Change the name of your group because that is not good in the eyes of God.

      • VoiceofReason Says:

        To dismiss someone’s beliefs because you disagree is the very definition of intolerance. Like the servant in the parable who was forgiven his great debt, but then turned and cast a man who owed him a pittance into prison… We Saints have struggled for generations with an ecumenical block which claims that we are are at least not Christian, and at worst a ‘cult’. How quickly we forget, then turn on our own, and cast them out when we find that they dont line up politically with the majority.

        Who are you to say I am not a ‘Real’ mormon? Those people out there who tell me I am not a ‘real’ Christian – they have no standing to make that judgement. And neither do you.

    • VoiceofReason Says:

      The website is ‘MormonsForObama’, not ‘TheMormonChurchForObama’. LDS people are encouraged to not only prayerfully determine where they stand politically, but to be active in supporting what they see as good causes.

      This site is dedicated to a group of people who are for Obama, and who also happen to be LDS. It is not (and does not claim to be, and in fact denies being) any official LDS Church site.

      (and somehow I doubt that a ‘MormonsForRomney’ site would engender such protest)

  2. David Says:

    I completely respect your opinion and right to vote for who you prefer. Still, as a practicing Mormon myself I have a hard time understanding how you rationalize voting for someone that openly favors abortion and Gay Marriage. These are two major differences between our church and the beliefs of President Obama which cannot be reconciled. You can argue economics, the environment, foreign policy or whatever it may be but I simply don’t understand how you can get around these two social issues. Our church has taken a major stance on these issues. There is no gray area.

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