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activist, feminist, leftist, fan of The Office, dark chocolate lover, and human rights advocate

In Which I Share Some Thoughts

September 1, 2012


Post by Hannah Wheelwright – Today is September 1st. There are 66 days left until the United States of America elects its 45th president. This past week, I have had more conversations than ever about the prevalence of religion in this historic election. We see pitted against each other, more dramatically than ever before, the […]

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A Brief Explanation of Why I’m Voting for Barack Obama

August 12, 2012


There are many, many reasons why I support President Obama. Here are just a few of them.

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A Little Less Fear, A Little More Faith

July 23, 2012


Post by Hannah Wheelwright – Brothers and sisters, there is nothing more dangerous than fear. We learn about that in Sunday school all the time. I want to talk with you a little bit about the fear of being open about political opinions. I am not suggesting that anyone is wrong or ignorant for being […]

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How to Become Anxiously Engaged in Obama’s Campaign

July 9, 2012


Post by Hannah Wheelwright – With Barack Obama and Mitt Romney so close in many national polls and Mitt Romney outspending the President in both May and June, it is imperative that we do more than just “like” Barack Obama on Facebook. We all have busy lives, and we all have pressing demands on our […]

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