At End of the Campaign

November 11, 2012


Post by Joseph M –

I am still incredibly excited about last Tuesday night’s win – and I guess I’ll admit, I’ve felt no small desire to gloat.  This is partly due to the amazing amount of vitriol we’ve received in emails and comments on this website.  And now that Governor Romney has gone from that title back to Brother Romney, we’ve seen an overwhelming increase in “hate mail” here; I’ve been deleting inappropriate comments regularly, and I have to stay on top of it or I’ll find myself swamped in it like a zombie apocalypse. I keep thinking, “who are these people? and how did they find our email address? (And then I remember, “Oh yeah, that’s right.  I put it out there on the website.”)

But then I saw this video – and I am humbled.  President Obama is not gloating here, but instead he expresses genuine gratitude for his supporters who have worked so hard to make this second term possible.  As Brooks and Shields pointed out on Friday’s PBS NewsHour, this is a side of President Obama that we don’t often see.  He generally plays it very “cool” and expresses a limited range of emotion.  But considering the ugliness of this election season and the bitter battle we’ve all just witnessed, his heartfelt speech to his campaign staff in Chicago revealed a truly inspired man with a depth of feeling that often goes unrecognized.   I am thrilled for these next four years.  And the President is already back to work, taking the lead towards a great compromise that will help us avoid the “fiscal cliff.”  So once again, let each of us get back to work as well – mending fences, repairing relationships (Facebook or otherwise,) and maybe even getting our home and visiting teaching done!  Also, let’s follow the words of our church leaders released in a statement this past week:

We congratulate President Obama on winning a second term as President of the United States.

We invite Americans everywhere, whatever their political persuasion, to pray for the President, for his administration and the new Congress as they lead us through difficult and turbulent times. May our national leaders reflect the best in wisdom and judgment as they fulfill the great trust afforded to them by the American people.

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16 Comments on “At End of the Campaign”

  1. John Darger Says:

    Amen to that
    Thank you to all.

  2. Peggy Slemp Says:

    I can’t tell you how good it feels to hear a fellow Latter-Day Saint talk about being grateful for Obama’s win and going home teaching in the same post! It feels like my soul has been put back together after feeling like some kind of Jekyl and Hyde for years, though I knew I wasn’t split in my heart. I finally have a community of like thinkers. Thank you for all you have done with this organization. Please keep it going. I am hungry for conversation with people who have my understanding of eternal things and care about the kinds of secular things I care about too.

    • Joseph Says:

      Thank you Peggy for your kind words! I feel the same way – it is great to have this community of Saints who share common values in the political arena as well!

  3. Sharon Says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work and keeping your cool under unbelievable attacks on this web site and on you personally. You trully honor your Priesthood by loving and caring for your fellow man, you are truely your brothers keeper. I’m sure you will receive many blessings for you honest and hard work.

  4. Coleen Yates Says:

    I’ve enjoyed your well thought out postings. I’ve also wondered what has happened to “Christen ” Mormons everywhere. If Romney had won I would have supported him, and hoped he would have had inspired leadership, but I’ve thought from the beginning that he was the wrong member of the church. When Mr. Romney was running the Olympics here in Utah, he got really upset one day and swore at a bus driver taking a bus load of people to Snowbasin. He later denied that he used bad language. I feel that is just one example of his true character. I know you are not to judge, but when you vote you must use your best judgement. You are a brave person and I wish you well. Sincerely, Coleen Yates

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    • Tina Intardonato Says:

      I have to say that I had the same feeling as you in reference to Romney being the wrong member of the church to run for the Presidency. Especially in this time of financial struggle for so many, and his seeming obliviousness to what the lives of the middle class and lower class are like. His tax and budgetary policies were unfair, yet he didn’t seem to give a second thought about the unfairness of balancing the deficit on the backs of those least able to afford it. I heard him say over and over again how he believed it was immoral to raise the deficit through continued spending on Obamacare (although the ACA has already started lowering medical costs in the country), yet he didn’t seem to have a problem with adding to the deficit by giving the rich another huge tax cut. He had a definite disconnect in terms of his policies not adding up and ultimately being worse for the country’s deficit problems.

      As far as Romney not being the “right church member”, I am curious if anyone in here might have thought that Jon Huntsman might have been a better candidate to represent the Church. Although I’m not sure that his policies plans were that different Romney’s…. and from the GOP’s as a whole.

  5. Margaret E. Campbell Bates Says:

    Please see my post Monday Oct. 12, approx 2 A.M. regarding GOP trolls on this site who now are taking the opportunity to “comment” on my personal page and cite MFO, telling ME to restrict myself to commenting there, and belittling me with ad hominem remarks about both myself, my views on the outcome of the election, the implementation of the ACA and MFO!

    • Joseph Says:

      do you mean on the FaceBook page? Sorry that is happening. With so many good things about social media, this is one of the downsides. But I just try to remind myself that with the many hits we’ve had on this site, only a small portion of them have left attacking comments – so these people really are a minority of Mormons. Most Mormons, while supporting Romney, have a much more nuanced view of politics. The hard part is when it is family making the attacks. So we just have to brush it off and not take them (or ourselves) too seriously.

      It is definitely time to put much of the bitterness of the campaign behind us – especially when like you said, implementation of the ACA is underway and Obama is moving forward.

  6. Steve Warren Says:

    Thanks for the post and for including the words of LDS leaders.

    Another thing that I really liked about the presidential race is that vs. Romney, Obama received a slightly higher percentage of the LDS vote than he did against McCain.

    • Joseph Says:

      and Obama got a higher percentage of the LDS vote than did W. Bush! I think that is very telling about President Obama and his strength as a candidate and leader.

  7. Lauren Says:

    Joseph, I did not vote for Obama, but I am sorry to hear about all the “hate mail” you got! That is absolutely terrible! It makes me think about all the prophecies in the Book of Mormon about the church being filled with hypocrites in the last days 😦

  8. Tina Intardonato Says:

    I was also impressed with President Obama’s sincere & emotional expression of gratitude to his campaign workers and it made me think of the difference in character and integrity between the President and Mitt Rmoney.

    The difference was evident in the video of President Obama emotionally thanking his campaign staff for their work and help to re-elect him, thus giving him the opportunity to continue his work for the country and the middle class.

    Compare that to Mitt Rmoney’s campaign aides who learned their campaign credit cards had been canceled when they tried to get back to their homes after finishing their work. That must have been a cold slap in the face from the stingy miserly millionaire they had worked for.

    Of course, the cut of these 2 men’s characters was made evident from their choices and what motivated them at an even earlier age in each of their lives. Both men graduated from Harvard with law degrees…. though while Rmoney’s education was most likely paid for by his father, Obama was left with huge student loans to repay.

    Mitt Rmoney went into business with the intention of making lots of money, and then went even further in making millions of dollars in one of the most unethical ways…. scavenging worker pensions and government subsidies from failing companies and leaving lives in ruins after outsourcing thousands of jobs.

    By comparison, Barack Obama turned down the offers to work at a high paying law firm even with his outstanding student loans to repay, and instead returned to where he had learned to serve those in the most need as a community organizer. He took a job at a law firm that specialized in helping those who were victims of discrimination, etc. He has always been motivated to serve others instead of just taking for himself.

  9. Terry Allen Says:

    Late in the campaign a beleaguered fellow Obama supporter Saint told me about you. Better than a drink in the desert!
    Visiting Teaching? One of my sisters trolls the right wing murk, posting on FB quite awful cartoons, etc., and “original” comments that…well…belie a sad weight of insecurity.
    A trio of Latter-Day Saint cousins are equally shrill there.
    I am a FORMER conservative. A life time of the certitude accompanying that stance comes back to haunt me in/these strident voices. Karma.
    So glad you’ ve been an effective antidote.
    Remember the church news dept. urging members to use social media to reach out? Thanks again for sharing the church’s conhrstulations to the President on his re-election; I immediately posted it on FB.

  10. Anne Caroline Drake Says:

    People of deep faith ~ no matter how they worship ~ will always connect to accomplish God’s work. I have admired your work and your courage from day one.

    I think Mitt Romney’s candidacy brought out the faith of your ancestors for all members of the LDS religion. And, I think it will bode well for the LDS church for a very long time.

    • Tina Intardonato Says:

      To be honest, I wonder just how Mitt Romney’s candidacy will bode for the church. I’ve been a contributor to a progressive political blog on nearly a daily basis during the campaign. And from some of the negative feelings and attitudes that were expressed there regarding Mitt and his connection with the church, frankly I think a lot of damage has been done to the church’s reputation.

      Even though I took those opportunities to explain what the church’s beliefs, attitudes and practices really are regarding the poor and other races, etc. I explained that Mitt’s attitudes about the poor and middle class, as well Hispanics and Blacks have more to do with his connection with the GOP, as well as his being born into a privileged life and not having to experience any financial want in his life. I hope I was able to convince some that being Mormon wasn’t entirely responsible for Mitt’s attitudes, but I’m not sure.

  11. juliathepoet Says:

    Thanks for creating the community, and allowing me to share some of my thoughts here. A friend suggested that Mormons for Obama could morph into something like Mormons for Progress or something like that. I am not sure I quite agree with that, but I do hope the group stays and that it is a place where bloggers who are not conservative can guest blog about current issues, as progressive Mormons.

    Personally, I think until we elect a new president that Mormons for Obama should keep its name, and that posts should also include ways for progressives to help continue the momentum of the election to help more of Obama’s legislative agenda to move forward. I also think that as we see good things coming from the Obama presidency, we need to highlight those. Lord knows the conservatives will be jumping on anything that us even potentially wrong.

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