November 6, 2012


ImagePost by Joseph M

While Ray Suarez interviewed Rahm Emanuel for PBS NewsHour’s coverage of the election, the crowd at the McCormick Place broke out in cheers, causing Rahm to break away mid-sentence to see what had happened.  (CNN had just called the election for President Obama.)

Rahm Emanuel threw up his hands and belatedly cheered at the news, (and my sister in Louisiana undoubtedly began to cry.)  This has been a roller-coaster of an election for us Mormons, and doubly so for us Mormons for Obama.  While my faith and hope in the President’s reelection campaign never “officially” wavered, I did find myself responding to his donation email requests more than I’d ever thought I would.  So I greet the news of President Obama’s election with happiness and an assurance that the future of our country is in good hands.  Four more years is no longer a chant, but it is a reality –  even if Romney isn’t accepting it and is still challenging Ohio.

This website and the Facebook group have been an uplift for me and for many of us.  I am so grateful for the support and good wishes that we have received from the many Mormons for Obama across the nation and also in the greater world community.  I believe I will reflect on this more in the upcoming days.  But for now, it is with a tinge of anticipatory nostalgia that I write this post.

But alas, the moment is here, and we have cause to celebrate!  So press forward Saints!  Let’s not forget the charge to do our part to bring peace, equality, and opportunity to our great nation!  Whether this is through our service in Church or in our wider communities, we possess the awesome ability to do good, and that has been evident through this Mormons for Obama group!

I love America. I love President Obama. And I love being a Mormon.



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12 Comments on “Forward”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I hope this group continues because there needs to be voices of reason and compassion that many members caught up in the republican misconceptions will still propogate.

  2. Anne Caroline Drake Says:

    Bravo! Y’all demonstrated the strength of character, courage, and integrity of your ancestors. In the process, you showed the world the Saints’ loving spirit.

    I wish all of you abundant blessings and peace.

    • karen Says:

      I put on my Facebook page about three months ago that I had prayed and asked Heavenly Father to pick our next President.I am so grateful for his decision.

      • Frank Stark Says:

        The Lord did offer a candidate, one that he had carefully groomed for times of financial crisis, for managing difficult situations.
        Too bad he didn’t win.

  3. tikkitavi Says:

    Everything works out the way God intends. I am grateful that Obama won, too, even though I am not a Mormon 🙂

  4. kriss Says:

    Obama is War president. Afghanistan is occupied. Nothing good for countries all around the world that Obama is reelected.

    • juliathepoet Says:

      I honestly don’t understand your comment. Obama did not go to Afghanistan but is trying to get our troops out without abandoning the Afghan people.

  5. honestyalwayswin Says:

    Thank you to those few Mormons who walked the narrow road of voting for obama

  6. honestyalwayswin Says:

    I am a home builder. During last 4 years. I had built a house for one republican and 10 houses for democrats and minorities combined.
    next 4 years, I expect not one from republican client.
    When president obama said it is a time for re-distribution of wealth.
    I hope we democrat mind take that as a new opportunity to create new wealth
    by starting new businesses, innovating new things, producing more by efficiency, conserve less ànd waste less and pay more taxes from making a lot more money.
    Lets all democrates make more than 250k and pay more taxes so our great president
    obama does not have waste anymore energy trying to convince Republicans for riches to pay more taxes.

  7. Randy Astle Says:

    Thanks, Joseph, and everyone who’s been a part of this community. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to be involved. You’re right in echoing the President from last night: there’s so much we still need to do in our communities, our states, our wards, etc. Let’s keep moving forward together, with each other on the facebook group and with all our fellow-saints no matter who they voted for.

    • Joseph Says:

      Randy, your posts were nothing short of amazing! The response we received from them was tremendous – so thanks for joining with us to better represent the voice of Mormons who support Obama.

  8. juliathepoet Says:

    For all those that were sure that the apocalypse was coming if Obama was elected, they were right. It happened for hundreds of thousands of citizens, but it is only a coincidence of timing and has nothing to do with the elections. I challenge my fellow Mormons for Obama to remind those who are preaching doom and gloom from their warm houses, vehicles filled with gas, and ample supply of food, that Americans from all political parties are suffering tonight.

    You can read the personal story of one of my loyal readers, who has become a true friend, about what the apocalypse looks like on Long Island. I have already matched my political donations this year with an equal donation to the survivors on the East Coast. No matter what your political party, do you believe the election deserves more of your money than those who are fighting off freezing temperatures without power or heat.

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