Four years ago tonight

November 4, 2012




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2 Comments on “Four years ago tonight”

  1. Convert for Obama Says:


  2. Franklin O Sorenson Says:

    My wife and I were there in Grant Park on that night to watch the returns come in. It was a balmy 60+ degrees, and the hundreds of thousands of Obama supporters there, of all ages, races, and economic situations, were like a large congregation of loving family members (which ultimately, we all are). We had to leave before the final states were decided, and had to miss Pres. Obama’s speech. But on our walk back to the train station the requisite number of electoral votes was reached and we heard a great roar from the park. Passing drivers honked and shouted in joy, thousands of people on the streets cheered. The large Black community in Chicago obviously NEVER expected that a black man would actually be elected. That night is a fond memory for us, particularly the universal feeling of optimism and brotherly love. In our lifetime we have come from the Jim Crow south, inequality of education, and systematic discrimination, to the election of a qualified black man. What a great country this is!

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