The Presidential and First Lady Debates

October 23, 2012


I am doing something a bit different and posting a couple of light-hearted clips from the Jimmy Kimmel Show from a week ago.  As Marianne pointed out, a few of us might need to take a step back and not take ourselves so seriously — so here is a look at some “man-on-the-street” commentary about the presidential and first lady debates (debates that didn’t happen!)



But I guess there must be someone out there who doesn’t want to be lighthearted or take themselves less serious, and they should definitely bemoan the fact that these people’s votes are worth just as much as their vote. And for that they must surely say God bless the America.



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2 Comments on “The Presidential and First Lady Debates”

  1. Sharon Says:

    This is just to funny and they probably vote too.

  2. Yamilka Hayes Says:

    Hilarious! I would like to think that, if someone asks me that question on the street, I would say: “What? was there a First Ladies’ debate last night? Dang, I missed it!” LOL. G-d bless America and the whole world!!!♥


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