Mormon Dems: The Case Against Mitt Romney

October 11, 2012



Post by Rob T.

The website Mormon Dems has long piece laying out the reasons not to vote for Gov. Romney this November. I encourage you to read the whole thing here for the meat of the argument, but here are some key quotes:

“While I admire Romney’s dedicated unpaid service in my church as a bishop and stake president, believe that he is a good family man who also cares deeply about our country, and am thrilled by Romney’s ascension to the GOP nomination in this Mormon moment, I am confident that he is the wrong person for the job of President of the United States.”

“I recognize that many politicians shift their positions from time to time, but cannot think of any politician as well-known as Governor Romney who has gone through such seismic political shifts. These shifts are disconcerting not only to me, but also to many GOP primary voters who wondered whether Romney was as “severely conservative” as he said he was. Governor Romney’s GOP Primary opponents were often frustrated by Romney’s flip-flops and had difficulty cornering him on any particular issue. How do we know how Romney would govern as President? While I suspect Governor Romney may not be as conservative as he appeared in order to clinch the nomination, no one really knows. This is why I do not find Romney to be trustworthy as a politician.”

“While Governor Romney’s candidacy is exciting for Mormons and has done a tremendous service for our church by helping to bring it out of obscurity and to generate a national and global conversation about Mormonism, a Romney presidency would be wrong for our country in many ways. Even if Romney is more moderate than he seems, many of his party members in Congress are ‘severely conservative’ and would put tremendous pressure on him to pass right-wing legislation and appoint right-wing officials and judges. For these reasons and others, I cannot support Mitt Romney for President.”

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4 Comments on “Mormon Dems: The Case Against Mitt Romney”

  1. Jared Dye Says:

    According to your post, you are against voting for Mitt Romney because you don’t feel you can trust him. Therefore, you must feel you can trust Barack Obama. Is that correct? I couldn’t write pages on the things President Obama has said he’d do and hasn’t. And Obama has certainly made major changes in his political standings as well (in favor of gay marriage now, for example, once the pressure was put on him). Some degree of change in politicians should honestly just be accepted … people evolve and change … and there’s nothing wrong that.

    • Joseph Says:

      Nothing wrong with that, if we are talking about an evolving position. Romney has not evolved. He has done a complete about face on so many positions. His changes seem to be political expediency. Nothing less, nothing more. And there’s something wrong with that.

    • Matthew Anselmo Says:

      Nice post Rob. I will argue that I can trust President Obama. Yes there are certain things he has not done that he said he would but they are not policy or platform changing decisions. For instance, campaigning on letting the Bush Tax cuts expire and then extending in a spirit of compromise I will forgive. Campaigning on 1 trillion of stimulus spending and then scaling back to include 300M of tax cuts I to try to get Republican support I will forgive. Campaigning on a single payer healthcare system and then scaling back to funding privatized care (like Romneycare) to attract Republican support I will forgive. In almost every one of President Obama’s broken promises you can see some element of compromise or blockage by the House/Senate GOP.

      You can actually read through all of his promises here:

      By the way — Romney is compiling quite a list. If he keeps some of his promises he will by default break others.

    • BDUB Says:

      I couldn’t write pages either.

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