October 1, 2012


Comments from Joseph M –

This is wonderful advice from Joanna Brooks – I also am amazed by the emails and comments that we receive on the Mormons for Obama website using similar condemnatory language. Of course, for us here this kind of thing may be a little easier to deal with because the emails are coming from strangers rather than our “friends” on Facebook.  So I appreciate Joanna’s comments and admonition that we try to understand Mormon Republicans and where they are coming from, and also that this goes both ways.  So let each of us speak gently with our Mormon brothers and sisters during this political season, and we ask the same thing of them as well.  We hope that no one would feel “out of place” in their ward congregations because of political divisiveness or something that we said, and thus we must remember to have compassion and understanding for those who may believe differently than us.

Admittedly, I am also very excited to see a picture of my car on Joanna Brooks’ website. This makes my car more famous than my car ever dreamed it would be.

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 I recognize that many people in our faith do not align with me politically. I do, however, have a great support system of “Mormon Liberals,” so that I have become more comfortable talking about my political values everyday. I have taken this new courage and began posting some of my views on the internet.  So in order to be a little funny, a little scandalous and mostly to express my support of Obama AND my religion, I posted a picture of my bumper sticker that says, ” I am voting for Obama AND I am a Mormon,” on Facebook. While I recognize that I was asking for a reaction from my mostly Mormon internet circle, I never imagined the amount of extremely hateful and dark responses I received. I got multiple messages telling me that I was so clueless because Obama was directly connected with Satan. Messages and posts about how…

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  1. Sharon Says:

    I do not care who anyone votes for as long as they vote. I have told my Granddaughters that over and over again. Although they have been raised in an ultra consevative household I have told them not to follow me or anyone else but to do their own research and vote for the person they are most comfortable with. Voting is one of the most important rights that we have and we should take it very seriously.
    I have already voted for President Obama and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it, it was my choice and I believe it to be the right one. I have free agency and I refuse to let anyone take that away from me just because they don’t agree with me. Say what you may but the old childhood adage still holds true: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”

  2. erik Says:

    I find this very interesting that one lds would not support another lds. As a Bible believing, born again follower of Jesus Christ, I simply cannot vote for any Mormon.

    • Jonathan Munoz Says:

      Why is interesting that one LDS would not vote for another? Mitt Romney is Christian and you are not supporting him, I suppose you would rather vote for a man who supports gay marriage and other things which are contrary to The teachings Of The Bible.

    • Gen Says:

      I don’t understand why it is relevant why an LDS member wouldn’t vote for another LDS member. I wouldn’t vote for my best friend if I didn’t feel he/she was right for the country. I appreciate that Romney may have many of the same values as I do, I just don’t feel that reason alone is enough to vote him into office. I am woman and didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries either.

    • Josh Says:

      I’m Jewish (although not religious) and I think the world would be a much better place if people didn’t vote due to religion. Personally, I think that Romney gave way less than 10% of his real earnings to tithing – and that is the reason he won’t show his taxes. It would likely show that he not only tries to avoid his tax responsibility, but is only cosmetically religious, which would make him look like a fraud in his own community. But that’s just me.

      • honestyalwayswin Says:

        I am a methodist , that is a thought I did not think about.
        my own thought is he pays 10% to church that he believes he should pay 10% less of his tax responsibilty

    • honestyalwayswin Says:

      Immature born again Christian president George Bush led us to a war sacrificing our soldiers without any of his own sacrifice. Our lord is a lord of sacrifing himself first

  3. honestyalwayswin Says:

    I have been going to a small church for a long time
    One thing i am reminded often is that
    How some of us are sometimes simple and narrow minded
    The choice is very clear

    Obama has proved that he is improving our country

    Why would any one vote for a republican party who has yet to balance the budget
    Since Ronald Reagan when most republican claim our economy were better with Rep president
    can republican balance our budget when we are going to have more debts next year

    Why would anyone vote for someone who believes our government does not create jobs but he can create jobs becoming a president of our government.

    Mr Romney could have created thousands jobs with his easy earned asset where he does not have to go thru congress
    Then I would have believe his 47% comment as a mistake.

    • Jane Davis Says:

      Reagan never balanced the budget. Fact is, he never came close. Debt really began to skyrocket under his administration. He had to increase the debt ceiling 8 times (once per year).

      The last Republican to balance the budget was Nixon in 1969.

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