Democratic National Convention, Day 2

September 6, 2012


Pres Obama joins Fmr Pres Clinton on stage after Clinton’s address

Post by Joseph M –

Bill Clinton spoke truth this evening; the mists of darkness that covered the land have dispersed and scattered, and America’s collective memory of last week’s confusion and half-truths (and even lies) at the RNC has cleared.  Clinton solidly reviewed and dismissed the misinformation from the RNC speakers, and he highlighted Obama’s record in so many areas.  View the speech or read the transcript, if you have not already.  By the way, the pundits keep referring to policy wonk, and they’re saying that Clinton’s speech was full of it.  Can I admit that I am already tired of the word, “wonk?”  When Romney or Ryan say wonk or wonky, it seems like a desperate attempt to sound cool, but it’s completely uncool instead. However, Bill Clinton took cool into the 21st century: he had swagPaul Adams tweeted: “Usually they tell you not to cram in too many statistics. Different rules apply to Bill Clinton. He makes them sing.”

But beyond the wonk or the wonky, Bill Clinton gave us inspiration like this:

“Now — but he has — he has laid the foundations for a new, modern, successful economy of shared prosperity. And if you will renew the president’s contract, you will feel it. You will feel it.  Folks, whether the American people believe what I just said or not may be the whole election. I just want you to know that I believe it. With all my heart, I believe it.”

This doesn’t bode well for Romney and Ryan.  President Clinton has given President Obama a load of talking points to take to the debates and every campaign rally from here until November.  (And FINALLY we even heard about the proposed cuts to Medicaid!)  Having watched three days of the RNC, I am surprised by the tepid drone of the Republican speakers compared to what I have seen in just two days of the DNC.  (I am biased here?) I don’t think so – check out this article from Smart Politics that reports that Michelle Obama’s DNC speech was seven grade levels higher than Ann Romney’s.  This also is fascinating because Michelle Obama’s speech was “written at a higher grade level than all but 11 of the 70 orally delivered State of the Union addresses delivered since 1934.”  Of course, the Democrats have an advantage because their convention was held a week after the RNC, but more than that: they have the lucky benefit that Truth is back in style and trending on Twitter this week.

And we Mormons are taking to the internet, (Twitter and Facebook), our phones, and even to the streets (of Charlotte NC!) to make clear our message: we are Mormons, and we are voting for Barack Obama for a second term.  (See our previous post for links to news articles about the Mormon Democrat gathering in Charlotte.) This article from the Las Vegas Sun may have misunderstood a portion of our purpose when it wrote, “having a Mormon candidate at the top of the Republican ticket will only make it that much more difficult for Democrats hoping to win over the Mormon vote this year. But some felt that even if winning over LDS voters was a longshot, the political circumstances make it worth trying.”

You see, Mormons have voted for the Republican ticket in high numbers for some time, and having a LDS candidate doesn’t necessarily change that.  Besides, change, as Bill Clinton aptly pointed out tonight, is a “long, hard road,” and each of us will find our own way.  (I haven’t always voted Democrat, and neither have many Mormon Obama supporters.)  So our goals are beyond convincing other Mormons to vote for Obama – (seriously now) – but we aim to add our unique voices to the wealth of diversity of those supporting President Obama; we understand that we are breaking from the expected, the norm, or even the stereotype.  However, this also is part of why we hope to make ourselves heard – and to find strength from one another, because we are “all in this together,” and we are not “on (our) own.”

With so many reasons to vote for Obama this November, (and thank you Pres. Clinton for spelling it out so clearly,) we Mormons also feel to press forward and do what we can to get him that second term.  In this regard, Bill Clinton asked this question during his address: “Are you willing to work for it?”  We answer with the delegates at the Charlotte convention: “Four more years!”

Read Hannah’s post here to find out how you can get involved.

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6 Comments on “Democratic National Convention, Day 2”

  1. Allan Says:

    It is amazing how quickly people forget history. Bill Clinton, though never fully removed from office, was Impeached after being found guilty of grand jury perjury, civil suit perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power. One well established and admited liar decides to give a speech saying he backs another like minded canidate and it seems like you want to have a parade. Maybe next his real number one campaign supported George Soros will be behind the podium. Who knows!!

    • AnnE Says:

      “though never fully removed from office” was he partially removed? He was not found guilty, he was accused, and acquitted by the senate. It is amazing how quickly people forget history isn’t it?

      • Allan Says:

        The senate lacking a 2/3 vote to push him out does not mean he was not impeached. He still stands as one of 2 presodents to be impeached, neither of wich left office as both were aquited by the senate. Perhaps you will also recall how when his trial was at its peak than Clinton ordered military strikes, first one against Afganastan and then a 4 day opperation in Iraq. You can claim these events to be unrelated but I don’t buy it. It was just what he needed to help sway the senate twoards aquital. Like it or not, Bill Clinton was impeached.

  2. AnnE Says:

    He was impeached, he was not found guilty as you stated. Look up the meaning of impeach.

  3. Frank Stark Says:

    I heard Clinton’s speech. Then I read it. It was magnificent. I have never heard lies told so well. He is truely a master of the art. Truly he has progressed from his “I never inhaled” and ” I had no sexual relations” days.

    One very good example: “4.5 million jobs created”. Beautifully crafted by careful editing of the information. Works like this. :
    There are 111.3 million private sector jobs as of July 2012.
    There were only 106.8 million private sector jobs in January 2010.
    The difference, 4.5 million jobs, in a positive direction. Great!

    What Clinton didn’t say was how many private sector jobs there were in Jan 2009 when Pres. Obama was sworn in. If you use that date there is only a net gain of 300,000 jobs since he took office. Not only that, but the population has grown by 8.8 million. At 4 people per family, that means that if there is only one worker per family, we need 2.2 million new jobs, for a total of about 113.2 private sector jobs just to stay even with the January 2009 status quo. Job growth has not nearly kept up with the requirements.

    Clinton doesn’t lie, just misleads by the artistic selection of facts. Shades of Amalickiah and his crew!

  4. Cyril Says:

    I honestly had a missionary companion who stapled shut his Songs of Solomon because he said it was “inappropriate”. He kept trying to get me to do the same. Weirdo.

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