In Which I Share Some Thoughts

September 1, 2012


Post by Hannah Wheelwright –


Today is September 1st. There are 66 days left until the United States of America elects its 45th president.

This past week, I have had more conversations than ever about the prevalence of religion in this historic election. We see pitted against each other, more dramatically than ever before, the two dominant political parties; for the first time ever, the Republican platform does not allow for exceptions of rape or incest in regards to abortion (differing slightly from the stance of the LDS Church), and it takes a hard line anti-same sex marriage stance, whereas the Democratic platform is poised to remain pro-choice and to add an explicit statement of support for same-sex marriage. These hot-button social issues of our day will be battled out on the national stage, leaving many voters to feel conflicted and uncomfortable. To what extent can you support a party which boasts support or opposition to causes for which you hold the opposite view? In such a volatile time, how should these disagreements affect our relationships with our loved ones who differ from us? Will this election determine more than just which economic and foreign policies the next president will advocate- will it also go down in history as the election where America set herself on a definitive social policy course?

I find myself somewhat conflicted, not because I am unsure of which social course I personally want America to be on, but because I find that using my religion to gain a voice for my political views is the same method I oftentimes criticize Governor Romney for using. Being in the minority in my religious community has both caused me to question many things and to discover many connections I would never have enjoyed had I not been so vocal about my support for President Obama.

I see beauty in members reaching out to one another in spite of our divisions and offering comfort and support to those who identify with both or neither political parties as we all try to do what is best for our nation. I believe that there is no right or wrong with politics- only differences in priorities. I respect the opinions of those who disagree with me, and I do not intend to put them down for their beliefs.

But I will continue to identify myself publicly as a Mormon for Obama. His policies, his character, and his vision for America resonate with me in a way that Mitt Romney’s reticent, robotic nature and shifting policy views never have. I will not be defined by the majority, and neither will I stand by while press outlets and media organizations inaccurately portray my faith. My support for Barack Obama does not affect my temple recommend status, and I will continue to support him in every way I can until the last ballot is cast on November 6th.

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4 Comments on “In Which I Share Some Thoughts”

  1. Nick Miller Says:

    Excellent post, as always. Thanks, Hannah!

  2. Joseph Says:

    This is such an important thing to be said. Thank you Hannah for your nuanced and thoughtful response to this rather crazy election season!

  3. Mike Carter Says:

    Very well thought out post. When confronted with Romney supporters I would ask them specifically which of his viewpoints make them support him. I voted for Mitt Romney when he ran against Ted Kennedy and when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts. That Mitt Romney was pro choice and pledged to support Roe V Wade as the law of the land. This very morning Mr. Romney affirmed that is no longer his position. Mitt Romney pledged to repeal “Obamacare” which is really “Romneycare” This week he said he would keep parts of it. Mr. Romney is for..whatever you need him to be for that will motivate you to vote on election day. The day after you vote? Not so much..

  4. Elizabeth Rodriguez Says:

    I appreciate the commentary always. My view is Romney was very clear on his stance about abortion. He explained his view to the public. He was for Roe v Wade and changed his mind when he studied exactly what all of it entails. Planned Parenthood needs to be tracked and not just make us all simply accept all they do . I have studied Planned parenthood intensely, and there is a reason why Susan Koman no longer supports their views. We live in a society where “flip flop” is denoted when a person changes their views. This “flip flop” is what can be deemed as researching, reconsidering and giving into our opinions maturity once we study and decide; so as we like throwing that phrase around disrespectfully , it is always a good idea to reevaluate our decisions based on facts and our core beliefs.. I admire someone who would do so .

    Romney also is very clear on his stance on foreign policy ans is brave enough to let the public know how tragic it is to let us continue to support wholeheartedly a policy in which we accept nations which would continue to propagate violence with no negotiations against a small nation that simply would like to live in peace and live in the land given unto them . I will stand forever with that nation , Israel. I am glad Romney does so and will not back down from saying so. .

    Romney is also very clear on Obamacare. He is for the states individually to consider their own Obamacare or Romney care. I am all for that for sure. Please let us vote for something that will not sweep us all into one huge ” give it to me no matter how terrible it might possibly be for our economy and for the value of each individual.

    Thank you for letting me share my views.

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