August 31, 2012

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Rob T. was interviewed about “Mormons for Obama” for this article in the National Post, a Canadian news outlet, but I guess we didn’t make the cut! Interesting take on the risk of Romney’s Mormonism, even as many interpret the polls as showing that religion doesn’t really matter to voters. 

National Post | Life

John Swallow knows what it’s like to be roused in the middle of the night by the call of a Mormon in distress. Like Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, he worked as bishop at his local Church of Latter-day Saints, caring for the well-being of his “flock.”

“It does take a lot of commitment,” said Mr. Swallow, who is running for attorney general in Utah. “And it takes a great empathy for people and concern for their challenges, because we all have challenges.”

As another Mormon delegate from Utah put it, “It’s not a job you do to be cool.”

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It’s a job central to Mr. Romney’s faith story underscored for all of America to see in his acceptance of the Republican presidential nomination Thursday night.

“Mitt Romney the Mormon” is really the story of “Mitt Romney the Man” this convention set out to sell.

But there are…

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