Mormons for Obama: Nick Miller

August 14, 2012

Guest Contributors

Another Obama supporter adds his voice to call for a second term for President Obama:



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2 Comments on “Mormons for Obama: Nick Miller”

  1. carnie Says:

    Nick, You sound like a serious person who has thought through your decision to support Obama in the last election and the coming one. Just a couple of thoughts: the health care act being so enormous that we haven’t a clue how it will effect the country is a concern of many people. Small steps to correct individual problems in health care would prevent us from a possible Pandora’s box of destructive regulations. (The 15 member non-elected “advisory committee” is a concern…especially to senior citizens like me). As I noted in another comment, I like being able to make charitable contributions. If I am taxed to death, I won’t have that option. Also, having to help pay for abortions goes against everything in me. I shouldn’t have that obligation. There are so many reasons that I can’t understand Mormons supporting Obama however hard I try!

    • Joseph Says:

      Carnie, keep trying! There are a lot of us, and we have great reasons! (And check out the Church’s new video about political diversity in the church! They know we are here, and they love us too!)

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