A Brief Explanation of Why I’m Voting for Barack Obama

August 12, 2012


There are many, many reasons why I support President Obama. Here are just a few of them.



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11 Comments on “A Brief Explanation of Why I’m Voting for Barack Obama”

  1. JJK Says:

    this is great!!! i appreciate your strength in putting your voice out there!

    • elizabeth Says:

      I love Sardis Restaurant in NY..spent lots of time there. Angela a real american hero unlike the senile Clint Eastwood.

  2. Convert for Obama Says:

    You are a valiant young woman, Hannah, and your courage is inspiring!! It’s not easy to be a Mormon AND a progressive, but your example gives me hope. Thank you for the inspiration and just keep on going…I am sure there are many of us in the LDS closet who are becoming more courageous because of your example.

  3. Steve Warren Says:

    Amen, sister. As a BYU grad and active LDS, I agree with everything you say, including the gay marriage thing, You set an excellent example.

    • carnie Says:

      It is cool to be a liberal in the US–the party of the media, Hollywood, the secularists. So be careful, study all sides, listening and reading from conservative sites as well as liberal. Then consider carefully and prayerfully. Don’t be taken in by flattering voices. There are good people in both parties. Make sure you know who they are before you promote or vote.

  4. Becky Crandall Littlefield Says:

    I’m not sure how active Mormons can support gay marriage. Have you read the Proclamation on the Family? Active Mormons sustain prophets and church leaders and this document was written by prophets. Marriage IS between a man and a woman. God ordained it that way.

    • Steve Warren Says:

      There’s a couple of ways of looking at the “support” of gay marriage by active Mormons. First, just because we support the legalization of gay marriage doesn’t necessarily mean we support gay marriage. I support the current legalization of alcoholic drinks, tobacco, etc., but would prefer that people not partake of those products.

      Second, sustaining church leaders does not mean agreeing with everything they say. For example, the 1979 Gospel Principles manual said “We should follow his teachings completely” (speaking of the prophet). The current manual says “We should follow his inspired teachings completely.” Obviously, it’s up to each of us to exercise agency in deciding which teachings are inspired. As Elder McConkie wrote, presidents of the church sometimes err, even on doctrinal matters.

      By the way, perhaps the Proclamation would be more accurate if it had included the word “currently” in saying marriage is between a man and a woman.

  5. President Obama supporter Says:

    Thank God for this strong independent woman. If one seeks the truth and has God’s love in their heart they will find the truth.

  6. mcr Says:

    Clear and specific reasons stated. I’m a college professor, active LDS, and agree with your reasons as well.

  7. Maman Says:

    Ironically, a Gingrich PAC (Republican infighting) made a film in 2011 called WHEN MITT ROMNEY CAME TO TOWN which includes workers displaced by the actions of Romney and Bain Capital. It is on YouTube in one 27-plus minute upload or in two parts with comments allowed for the latter. Others affected before and since the film are those in his Massachusetts factory (that made Romney richer and governor), and now, Sensata Technologies protesters. He refuses to talk to or intervene on their behalf. While I was too young to vote for either late George (Romeny or McGovern), I know that either would have been vetter for America than Nixon. It was shameful for Romeny to write an editorial, “Let Detroit Die”, because his father was the CEO of American Motors and also, Mitt profited from auto bailout monies through stocks he owned. Even the Chinese wrokers that Amercian workers had to train are being exploited in sweat shop living and working conditions of 50 to 97-cents an hour. We are Catholic and Registered Independent, voted for Carter, Reagan, both Presidents Bush and never a Clinton. If anyone but the son of Romney had spoken of harming a President (Obama), they would have likely been arrested. I also wonder why their protege, Mia Love, gets no direct endorsement from Senator Chaffetz and why her white husband and their children are not shown if there is no bigotry in Mormonism.

  8. Oak Says:

    I cannot support a person of wealth who made his fortune tearing apart companies and destroying jobs, saddling those companies with debt and then taking out millions of dollars of fees for himself and his cronies under the word capitalism. It is more appalling when I read of all his good service within the church.

    His history as a politician is not much different from other elected officials. They all wear flip flops when convenient.His footprints however are almost all flip flops.Then to not disclose your income and wealth? Of what is he afraid?

    I’ll take more of Harry Reid and less the flip flops thank you.

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