Why We Love Obamacare, Part 1

August 2, 2012

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Thanks to Rob and Sarah for sharing their video on YouTube and putting this out there!



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3 Comments on “Why We Love Obamacare, Part 1”

  1. rob Says:

    Thanks for posting!

    And we’re always looking to add more videos to the Mormons for Obama YouTube channel. If anyone out there has a video they’d like to add, contact us through the Facebook group about getting it up there.

  2. Verne Cotton Says:

    Okay Guys, How do I register with your organization and dovetail with Salt Lake City’s 99 Spring and Move to Amend efforts?

  3. MormonMommaForObama Says:

    Verne Cotton– good to have you! Here is my best attempt to answer your questions….

    1. Registering with our organization– join our Facebook group! (Predictably entitled “Mormons for Obama.”)

    2. 99 Spring– I’ve never even heard of that! Mormons for Obama isn’t based in SLC so if it’s a SLC thing, the blog administrators probably haven’t heard of it.

    3. Move to Amend Salt Lake City– Facebook again, they seem to have a pretty hopping group there.

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