June 28, 2012


Affordable Care Act Rally at the SCOTUS

(March 27th, 2012) Hundreds of activists gathered in front of the Supreme Court building to rally and show their support for the Affordable Care Act during the second day of hearings regarding the law. ~ Washington, DC ~ Photo by William Melton Jr. / SEIU

The 110 page ruling by the Supreme Court largely upholds the Affordable Health Care Act, including the individual mandate.  And Chief Justice John Roberts cast the deciding vote based on the understanding that penalizing people for not having health care is a tax.This is a victory for President Obama and a victory for all of us, including our fellow (conservative-leaning) Americans who somehow don’t know a good thing when they see it.

This will signal a shift in the election 2012. Many people will begin to look at Obama and the healthcare law differently now that this is decision has been handed down. Republicans will paint it as a tax, but the President will be able to claim a victory – and the implied insult of calling it Obamacare will fade and diminish, and this supposed pejorative will ultimately give President Obama the credit he deserves.

President Obama’s official response on the ruling on C-SPAN2

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4 Comments on “Upheld.”

  1. jackson Says:

    This link seems to highlight in very dramatic fashion the danger of providing public services only for people who pay.


    My house has never burned down, and I don’t smoke or play with matches, so I don’t believe I will ever really have a need to use services from my local fire department. But I’m happy to pay taxes so that others who need those services can, and I know it will be available to me should the need arise. I’m a fairly passive person and don’t really initiate conflict, so I don’t believe I will have need for the police to resolve domestic disputes in my house, but I’m happy to pay the salaries for police officers in case I ever need that help.

    A hospital will never refuse to care for a person in an emergency. If this is a principle we truly believe in as a country, why wouldn’t all Americans be happy to support legislation that shares this burden with all people who will benefit? Makes a lot of sense to me.

    • emcconkie Says:

      A wonderful day for Americans. Historic victory for the sick, afflicted, poor, mentally ill, brain injured, cancer stricken, the country’s children and hosts more whose sufferings will be more alleviated and whose burdens are made that much lighter. God is great!

      P.S. Never thought I would be thanking the Lord for Chief Justice Roberts.

  2. Sharon Garrick Says:

    Great news for all of the citizens of the United States. I now live in Australia and enjoy full medical care at very little to no cost even having had breast Cancer and a full knee replacement. I am so happy to see this healthcare for all of my family and friends thanks to the Supreme Court.

  3. Nathan Says:

    This is an embarrassing article.

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