May 6, 2012

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Some of you may already know this (especially if you searched for this site because of the article by Scott Conroy on, but received mention in the article, “Pro-Obama Mormons Unswayed by Shared Faith with Romney.”

Conroy reflects the views of the many of us who are Mormon and voting for Obama quite well, and Hannah Wheelwright says it perfectly with her quotation in the article: “The fact that I’m a Mormon is why I’m voting for President Obama instead of Mitt Romney. I’m a Democrat because I’m a Mormon. I think there’s so many things in my faith that do promote certain policies in the Democratic Party, and a lot of the reason I support President Obama is his dedication to social programs, equality, and those types of things.”

However, there is one area where I think Conroy didn’t get it right (and I’m not referring to when he mistakenly wrote that Laura attends weekly church services at the Seattle Temple); he writes that “there is a significant subsection of younger, liberal-leaning church members who are emphatic supporters of Obama and who cannot relate to Romney as a politician, despite their shared faith.”  This has not been my experience.  I have found that Mormons of all ages plan to vote for Obama.   I know many LDS Obama supporters, and I’ve never noticed that youth was some defining characteristic that linked them together.  Even myself, (although I listen to some hip hop and that new song by that band fun.), can hardly be considered young.

Seattle Poster, by Jenny Beorkrem

I live in Seattle, Washington, and I knew before I moved here that the city was somewhat liberal, but I’ve been happy to find that this extends to many of my LDS friends and leaders at church as well.  I’ve never been embarrassed, nervous, or ashamed to talk about my political leanings with other Mormons, and sometimes I just assume that everyone votes Democratic, much like Utah Mormons undoubtably assume that everyone is Republican.  But even those Mormons who are “conservative” seem fine with all the Democrats around them.  I don’t know the statistics here, but I would guess that the LDS Democrats in Seattle may not be outnumbered – or if they are, it can’t be by much.

But this is my point: while I recognize that many Mormons vote Republican, I don’t see that this is some defining characteristic of Mormonism or that youth is a defining characteristic of LDS Dems.  The Church has a long-standing position of political neutrality, and this is much more defining of Mormons than a particular party affiliation.

So while it may seem odd to some that we have this website or that we are opting out of voting for the Mormon, for me (and Hannah Wheelwright,) supporting Obama really makes all the sense in the world.

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11 Comments on “ on”

  1. Aaron the Ogre Says:

    I was speaking to a friend about members not required to vote Republican. He said that was fine since Republicans were too liberal anyway. He’s voting Constitution Party.

  2. Aaron the Ogre Says:

    Reblogged this on Our Process and commented:
    For those of you who were concerned, I’m not the only mormon who is not on the wagon for Romney. Now I’m not a Obamacrat either, but it is good to know when one is not alone in the universe in not falling “lock-step-in-line” in a cult-like fashion to who many mormons feel is the chosen one.

  3. keek Says:

    What’s the big whoop here, except for those naive enough to think Romney = 100% Mormon vote? The Church is not a homogeneous block, politically, culturally, or even theologically. Some the greatest Mormon leaders have been Democrats, Hugh B. Brown among them. As for the young lady on her way to Colorado for Obama, doesn’t everybody know she stole one of Harry Reid’s big lines (“I am a Democrat because I’m a Mormon” — not in spite of it)? This election is about Obama’s outrageous spending. focuses on the Wall Street Scandal in 2009. For his lies, Nixon resigned when caught in 1973. For his lies, Obama will be caught and defeated in 2012.

    • Bubba Says:

      I constantly wonder how Mormons justify supporting the Democratic platform in that it supports abortion? Furthermore, how can anyone vote for Obama after his despicable votes re: Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA).

      • Joseph Says:

        I think that your comment is so important, it probably deserves its own post… anyone out there want to take this on?

      • bfantina Says:

        The Democratic platform does support abortion, but the Republicans do nothing to prevent abortions. They will not countenance sex education, and are now making it more difficult for women to obtain contraceptives. And they appear not to care at all about babies once they are born: they will do everything possible to deprive them of health care, Head Start programs, etc.
        I understand that then Senator Obama voted against the ‘BAIPA’ because he believed (rightly so) that there were already laws on the books for that purpose, and this particular law would have been found unconstitutional (remember, he is a constitutional expert; yes, I know every anti-Obama person who reads this will rush to tell me how he has, in their view,violated the Constitution. I wonder why they were so silent when President Bush was busy trampling it).
        When Mr.Bush was president, he stopped funding for Marie Slopes International (I think that’s the name of the organization), because they provided family planning, although not abortion, services. MSI estimated that, due to this funding cut, approximately 200,000 women in their serving area who didn’t want to get pregnant,would, and of those, approximately 60,000 would have abortions. So how was he a pro-life president?
        I can certainly understand concern for the unborn; what I can’t understand is the GOP disdain for the already-born. And Mr. Romney personifies that!

      • Brandon Says:

        @Bubba: I do so because I do not believe that a republican government will actually achieve any progress on this issue. The country has has plenty of Republican governments. None have wound back the clock on abortions. I would rather fight the battles that can be won. And in those battles, I find the Democrats better than the Republicans.
        While I very strongly disagree with abortion, there are many other issues that also warrant my attention, and which are much more susceptible to positive change. It’s all about picking your battles.

  4. Grant L. Vaughn (@Whistlestar_PMM) Says:

    It’s great to find this website! I’m Mormon, 55-years-old, and I’m voting for Obama as I did last time. The really weird part is I grew up in the Seattle suburbs (Kirkland – actually Finn Hill). I now live in Utah and I actually know a few other people who will be voting to re-elect President Obama. Keep up the good work!

  5. Joseph Says:

    Thanks Aaron and Grant – and Aaron, your friend’s comment about republicans being too liberal had me laughing! and Grant, I grew up in the south, where everyone voted republican and no one had ever heard of Mormons, so I still find the change somewhat jarring.

    and Hi Keek – thanks for posting a link to your website! I will most definitely give it a look so I can find out more about the Wall Street Scandal (with the capital S).

  6. mormon Says:

    Church is kingdom of God not kingdom of politicians or what. Don’t use church in anything that don’t have any sense in giving glory to Him. We believed in what we really know is true. And that is our decision to chose.


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