Gladys Knight says, “I am a Barack Obama fan.”

March 21, 2012

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In an interview with BET about her stint on the current season of Dancing with Stars, Gladys Knight was asked about another famous Mormon, Mitt Romney, and whether or not she thought he should be president.  She answered with this:

Not now.  I have to be honest with you; it’s not about your faith, even if the church itself in its structure is perfect, the people in it are not.  That’s not to say he’s not a good person, don’t get me wrong.  But I would not vote for him just because he is Mormon. I want to know what he is going to do for the people.  I want to see the compassion.  I want to talk about something else besides the money.  I know how hard it is to send two kids to college when you ain’t got nothing. I know people may not think of me in that way, but this business gives you ups and downs.  … I am a Barack Obama fan, from head-to-toe, always have been.  He’s not perfect; nobody is going to be that way.  Until you sit in that office, at that desk, don’t tell me what you’re going to do because you are going to come in and have some of the same problems as he did.”

Thanks to John for posting this on the Mormons for Obama facebook  group



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2 Comments on “Gladys Knight says, “I am a Barack Obama fan.””

  1. Sharon Garrick Says:

    I agree with every word that Gladys Knight spoke. Mitt Romney just simply is not the right man for the job of President even though he is a member of the church and I’m sure a fine person.
    Gladys is right there is a lot more to being President than the money, the United States is not a failed company that needs its guts ripped out, the assets sold off and everyone lose their job to make it strong again. The U.S. does not need a corporate raider in the oval office. Obama is doing a fine job of getting our country back on track, so why change horses mid stream? Give Obama 4 more years.

  2. Margaret Bates Says:

    As a fellow memner of the Church, the opinions she expresses are mine exactly as well!

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