The “Official” Mormons for Obama Bumper Sticker

February 27, 2012


Check out the bumper stickers we have made to show our support for Obama.  Please display a sticker to let everyone know that we are voting for Obama, and that we are Mormons!  Place it on your car, your kitchen window, or your Trapper Keeper.  Some of you already have one – but if you haven’t gotten yours yet, then click here on the sidebar (that hopefully works).  We are not making money on this – so the prices reflect the actual cost of the sticker, the shipping, and the PayPal fees.    I’ve noticed some other stickers on café press – but those cost quite a bit more, so we wanted to offer one here.

And spread the word – share this with your friends on Facebook.  We have a limited number of them, and we’ll only do this one printing.  (Now I’m supposed to say: so act fast!)



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9 Comments on “The “Official” Mormons for Obama Bumper Sticker”

  1. Steven Ririe Says:

    I don’t believe it is appropriate to put “Mormons for Romney” or Mormons for any political candidate. I don’t think it’s helpful for people not associated with the church to see political bumper stickers associated with our religion. We are strongly told that we, as members of the church, should be involved in our communities and exercise our rights to vote and be politically involved. But the church in no way endorses any political party or candidate. It’s only my opinion but I believe including the church in one’s personal endorsement for any political candidate or party, as shown on your bumper sticker, would certainly go against the spirit of that official church pronouncement. I completely respect your right to believe anything you want. I have no problem with the concept of free agency. In fact I am so grateful for my rights and I am grateful for the rights of others. I only express my disappointment with fellow Mormons that would choose to use the identity of the church (Mormons) to enhance their support of any political figure or party. I would only hope that before doing such a thing they make it a matter of prayer. Lastly, it doesn’t escape my understanding that Mormons that are affiliated with the Republican Party are in need of remembering the church pronouncement more than any other political party. But that doesn’t make it right for Ron Paul supporters or Obama supporters. – Just my opinion.

    • Kathy Says:

      Steve and I have been friends for almost 35 years…I love him! That said, I proudly display my Mormons for Obama bumper sticker. First, it’s an ironic riff off of the church’s current ad campaign (I’m a Mormon). Haha! I think it’s kinda funny and I’m a funny gal! I don’t think that it implies the church’s endorsement of Obama any more than a “Women for Obama” or a “Dogs against Romney” indicate the support of all women for Obama or the disdain of all dogs for Romney (dogs love everybody). Finally, and most important, the message I really want to communicate by having that bumper sticker on my car is that some Mormons are capable of independent thought.

  2. Joseph Says:

    Thanks Steven for your comment! I think you make a good point about the church’s neutrality on political campaigns and elections; it is definitely important to remember that. However, I believe that this website and the bumper sticker are appropriate for at least two reasons. First, Mormons are already attached to a political campaign in that Romney, a prominent Mormon, is running for president. And if it is against the spirit of the church’s political neutrality to identify ourselves as Mormons when promoting a political agenda, then Romney himself is the first offender; during his campaign he has referred to his affiliation with the Mormon church numerous times – mostly recently this past week when expressing his opinion that Obama had restricted religious freedoms in requiring insurance companies to provide coverage of contraceptives. He seemed to say that he was particularly sensitive to the issue of religious tolerance because of his Mormon faith.

    Secondly, I believe the website and bumper sticker give us Mormons an opportunity to weigh in on the conversation and share a bit about ourselves. Never before has the church received this much attention; I’ve seen so many news stories about Mormons and Mormonism that I cannot keep up with it all. Thus, I feel it is in my best interest to use this website to dialogue with others so that we can define ourselves and not wait for the popular media to define us. This website dispels the myth that all Mormons are conservative. We are so vastly different – especially when you consider the numbers of Mormons that live outside of the US.

    When I saw the “I’m a Mormon” campaign for the first time, I was impressed by the differing voices and stories that were presented. So I thought about myself and how I would represent my own Mormon voice and what made me unique. And so it kind of came together in the bumper sticker – I’m liberal, I’m a Democrat, I want healthcare for all of America, I’m voting for Obama, and I’m a Mormon. I realize that I don’t represent the church or even the popular opinion within the church, but I am Mormon, and I do support the president, and I believe that it is important for my voice to be heard as well.

  3. mellifera Says:

    If you want to broadcast that the LDS church is politically neutral, there ain’t no better way this year than a “Mormons for Obama” bumper sticker.

    We’ll take one! *boom*

  4. Peggy Kohler Says:

    I am a Democrat and a Mormon. I have strongly supported Obama all along. I am a convert and know how we are viewed by many. Most people think we vote as a block and cannot believe that I vote differently. I too think this is a great opportunity to show that Mormons are diverse. I think it’s a message the world needs to hear, over and over again. I know a lot of Mormons that need to hear that too. I’ve moved to a very conservative area and I hear a lot of disparaging remarks about Democrats from other Mormons who think I’m Republican like them. It’s time to show that we are more diverse than people think…..even within the ranks.
    I’m getting two!

  5. Pancakes Says:

    Wow! I am impressed! Mormon’s who make sense!

  6. David Albrand Says:

    I am not a practicing Mormon, but lived in Utah for 40 years, growing up in the church. I became dismayed with the extreme right wing viewpoint spewed from the people and the “pulpit”. That is one reason I finally moved to California. It is a much more reasoned and diverse society, and I love it. I have never voted for a Republican and never will. Their tactics and philosophy are just diametrically opposed to mine. Go OBAMA!

  7. Bonita Says:

    Where can I purchase one of these bumper stickers?

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