Romney and Mormonism

January 30, 2012

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Post by Joseph M –

I used to be rather surprised whenever I would see Mormons referenced in the media or popular culture (remember the last line of Raising Arizona?)  This is not the case anymore.  Here are several links about Romney and his Mormonism.  Thanks to all of you that sent us links (my liberal sister for one,) and if you find more, please send them our way!

From Fox News, Jan 12th:  Mormons confident US ready to elect first LDS president, survey shows

From CBS News, Jan 14th:  Is America Ready for a Mormon President?

From Yahoo! News, Jan 16th:  Will America Get Its First Mormon President?  Five Facts About Mormons

From Huffington Post, Jan 25th:  Why Mitt Romney Can’t Be the Mormon JFK

From CNN Belief Blog, Jan 26th:  On Call with Conservatives, Romney Speaks to Mormon Beliefs



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2 Comments on “Romney and Mormonism”

  1. BDUB Says:

    If I remember correctly, the line from the end of Raising AZ is a Utah reference. Perhaps a more apt Coen Bros Mormon reference would be JK Simmons line from Burn After Reading. “You’re a Mormon, next to you we all have a drinking problem.”

  2. Joseph Says:

    Thank you bdub for the clarification. You are exactly right; it is actually a Utah reference; check out the link to the youtube clip on the post. My liberal sister took me to see Raising Arizona in the theatre when I was a kid (she has a thing for twins and multiple births,) and I remember being amazed at the apparent reference (strong parents, happy children) to Mormon families. I am from Louisiana originally, and nobody knew who Mormons were (except for the Baptists who had all watched the Godmakers at their churches.) By the time Burn after Reading came around, I was already somewhat desensitized to the whole phenomenon of Mormons in popular media, so Raising Arizona still sticks in my head. By the way, there is another LDS reference in one of the Star Trek movies – the one about the whale.

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