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January 25, 2012

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Post by Joseph M –

Let me state the obvious, just because I am Mormon, I don’t feel the need to vote for a Mormon.  Although I might say that I am voting for Obama because I’m a Mormon.  In that same vein, I suppose that every Jew was not lining up behind Joe Lieberman for his 2004 presidential bid just because he is Jewish.  (Although I admit that Lieberman is probably more of a Jon Huntsman of Jewish religious practice, so it is not a perfect analogy.  But again, if Huntsman was in Romney’s position, then my very liberal sister just might throw her support his way because she finds him rather attractive.)

At church a few weeks back, a discussion came up about how one should interact with the numerous homeless people on the streets.  The opinions were varied and numerous and stretched across the spectrum of possibilities.  We heard everything from a Mr. Wendal-styled approach (this is where I tend to fall) to a response that seemed to be directly pulled from Mosiah 4:17.  The point is this: I don’t see that Mormons agree on everything, so why would Mormons necessarily all agree on the same candidate for president, regardless of religious affiliation?  And I realize that most Mormons know this.  So possibly I am writing for those of us that may not understand the diversity of opinion within the LDS church.

But back to my first paragraph: is it possible that a Jew might not vote for Romney because he is Mormon?  According to an article posted today on the Huffington Post website, some Florida Jews may take issue with Romney because of the past practice of baptisms for the dead of Jewish Holocaust victims.   Or maybe this may be used against him by his rival(s)?  Either way, I have to agree with Gary Mokotoff, the Jewish genealogist quoted in the article: “Romney should be judged on his political views and political past and not on the views of the president of his church.”  True.  That is why I am not voting for him.

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3 Comments on “Stating the Obvious”

  1. Mike Says:

    One thing I love about the “Mormon” Church is that on any given Sunday the same lessons will be taught in all of the different meeting locations across the world. As I read this post I thought for sure the author must be a member of my “ward” (i.e. go to my same church building) because I participated in the same lesson and heard the same types of comments just a few Sundays ago.
    The “tone” of my ward, as characterized by both direct political comments as well as indirect comments, makes me think that much of the ward leans left. I am, however scared that with Mitt Romney locking in the nomination many of the “would be” Obama supports might start to get confused.
    Here’s hoping for a Gingrich win to truly “sort the wheat from the chaff”. I’m a Mormon and I support Obama!

  2. Joseph Says:

    Thanks Mike for your comment. Maybe we are in the same ward! Ha! Interesting thought about Mitt Romney getting the nomination – that it might be better if Gingrich won because otherwise some Mormons might feel the need to vote for Romney. I would add that not only Mormons might be more inclined to vote for Obama if Gingrich got the nomination, but the rest of the nation as well!


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